How does the shoot work?
Your child is photographed on a plain background and then skillfully added into a  variety of different dinosaur backgrounds.

How many children can take part?
Siblings are welcome to attend the same session but will need to be photographed separately due to the intricate nature of the editing process. 

How long does a session take?
Most sessions last around half an hour but I allow up to a full hour as some children take a little longer to settle. Each session is taken at the pace of the child. Only a certain number of shoots take place on any one day so your child will never be rushed.


What should my child wear?
There are no set clothing requirements but anything which makes them look ready for an adventure will be perfect.

Does the session fee include any prints?
The session fee covers my time to shoot and hand-edit your images, turning them into works of art. Products are priced separately. 

How much do photos cost?
Print prices start at £30, digital and print packages start at £245. My clients typically spend between £250-£1500
There is no hard sell, you simply choose the photos you love. 

Will we view our images the same day?
Your images will be lovingly retouched before you view them so your viewing session will normally take place a week after your shoot. 

What happens to the photos we don't buy?
They'll be archived safely in case you want to buy more in the future. 

Is your studio autism-friendly?
The studio is 100% autism-friendly. I am more than happy to discuss your child's individual needs prior to the session


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Digital Background by Tara MapesDigital Background by Tara MapesDigital Background by Tara Mapes Digital Background by Tara MapesDigital Background by Tara MapesDigital Background by Tara Mapes


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